A sip in style

If I had to choose only one place for a good aperitif in Milan, that has to be Marc Jacobs Cafe! It is located in Brera, the part of Milan I like the most, in a cozy Italian square (Piazza del Carmine) next to the shop. So in case you need a drink to relax after your shopping, this is the place. In the summer they have tables outside in the square and the atmosphere is very cool. The aperitif costs 10 euro (not really cheap) but it is worth it because their cocktails are well prepared and the finger food buffet is good; no greasy rice or pasta salads, here you get vegetables with a healthy olive oil dip, bruschette, etc. The music is good and the service is... well, cold... but hey, they have to be posh! (exception made for the nice Brazilian waiter, he's great!). This is the only place I have really enjoyed my favorite drink at. Which by the way is Bloody Mary. This is how it should be done:

Bloody Mary

- ice cubes - vodka (40 ml.) - salt - tomato juice - ground black pepper - Worcestershire sauce - Tabasco sauce - lemon juice - celery stalk *fresh grated horseradish (the NY school of bartenders uses this ingredient but I've never had a bloody mary with horseradish and since I'm not a big fan I wouldn't use it)

Mix all ingredients and garnish with the celery stalk.

Marc Jacobs Café
Piazza del Carmine, 6
20121 Milan
Tel. +39 0272004080
(book ahead)

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