Epic cruise - Part 1

Day 1 - Miami
downtown Miami from the port
We left the hotel for the Port at around 12. There was something going on in downtown and the traffic was crazy. Terminals (B and C - Epic is a large ship) were crowded but it took less than an hour to get on the ship. The ship's access is through the casino. Had a quick lunch at the Garden Cafe buffet (corn chowder, sandwich and lemon mousse) then headed to cabin to wait for the muster drill (that's the evacuation plan, pretty important these days). Muster drill was fast and people were all paying attention, not as last year where everybody was chatting.
me checking out the lifeboats :)
 When we got back to the cabin the luggage was already there so we took some time unpacking. Lots of storage in the cabin (12296), suitcases fit perfectly under the bed and sofa. We left Miami at 16.00. Leaving Miami from the ship is always beautiful.
Miami Beach

Some cabin pictures:
Phone and night lights

bathroom layout


lots of storage

Coffee machine


After sailing we went to guest services to check some stuff regarding our account and then got a coffee at the bar next to guest services (where they also have nice cakes) and walked aroud the casino, the theater, the pool, etc. Went to visit the rest of our party in a mini-suite cabin. It's about 2 meters larger than ours, it has a bath tub and more storage but the balcony is pretty much the same.
Peter Max art work
 We pre-registered for the first auction for the following day and got a 50$ coupon for certain spa treatments. Walked around a bit and saw some Peter Max's nice art works, wondering what the price will be.
Piano at Taste

We had dinner at Taste (one of the no-extra-charge restaurants: Salmon tartare with avocado, cuccumber and dill; broiled lobster and red snapper with rice, vegetables and a creamy sauce, both delicious. Wine pairing: Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand for me, Chardonnay from California for G. (OK but nothing to write home about!)

After that we went to sleep cause we were tired. Woke up at 2,30 (btw, we switched the time 1 hour to match Atlantic Time), jetlagged.

To be continued...

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