Pinterest-ED or Pinspire-D?

Who hasn't heard of Pinterest or Pinspire these days??? They're like the new social networks that are actually not social networks, it's like your good old desk board, you know, the one behind the desk in which you used to pin the important papers, photos or images together with post-its, etc. Well, Pinterest and Pinspire are like an image database in which you find that, images, which you categorize in Boards and share with the world. For example, take mine:

As you can see, I divided my boards in 7 interests: the clothes, accessories and hairstyles I like are in "Style", the words of wisdom I often refer to are in "Quotes", the delicious recipes I will one day try are in "Food", the places I've been to or wish I could are in "Places", my favorite books or the ones I want to read are in "Books" and I have also added some images to the database, they're in "My Polyvore Sets".
The board "Ideas" is where I keep some ideas for my drawings (yes, another of my hobbies), right now I'm drawing a mexican-inspired Tree of Life and I've found many bits of different images that I'd like to add to my drawing so, what better way to keep 'em all in one place without printing or filling up the Bookmarks?

You can search for people with your same interests or whose images you like and start "following" them, you can re-pin their images or just "like" them (that's the social approach). Oh, don't forget to follow me!

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