Sunflower fields forever

Paraphrasing what one of my favorite Italian authors (Severgnini) once wrote, if seasons had a passport, the fall would be British, the winter would be Russian, spring would be American, but summer would be Italian without a doubt, because summer -like Italians- is exaggerated, emotional, noisy, lively.
I agree 100% with this. Summer is my favorite season but the Italian summer is my favorite of them all. People are in a better mood, days are longer, warmer, everyone is counting the days for the holidays, there's a relaxing atmosphere everywhere and, my favorite part, everywhere you go in the countryside you find the beautiful sunflower fields.
A couple of weeks ago we were in Le Marche, enjoying the Italian summer and relaxing in its beautiful hillsides, here are some pictures:

And, in case you are curious about the place, visit this website: www.villacasabianca1573.it a wonderful country house in the heart of Le Marche.

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