Salmon & Burrata Rolls

Another super simple summer recipe(well, it's so good that we also have it in the winter). Another delicious thing from Italy that I'm in love with since the first bite is Burrata. Burrata is a fresh cheese, typical from the southern Italian region of Apulia (like orecchiette, remember?). It is like a mozzarella (actually, it is made of mozzarella) but the inside is creamier, due to its filling made of cream and scraps of mozzarella. The making procedure is different to the one of mozzarella and the taste is also different (fresher, creamier), but so delicious. When finished, it is wrapped in leaves -and a plastic bag- so when you eat it you can check if the leaves are still green to be sure of its freshness. It can be eaten like that or if you want you can add it to salads, cold cuts, cheese plates, pasta, etc. I know it may seem strange to mix fish and cheese but I particularily love this recipe:

Salmon and burrata rolls 

8 slices of smoked salmon
1 burrata
lemon juice
salt & pepper
olive oil

Sprinkle the salmon slices with the lemon juice and some drops of olive oil. Chop some chives and mix them with the burrata (previously diced), adding some salt and pepper. Put a spoon of burrata mix over a salmon slice and roll it (like we did with the bresaola rolls, remember?)and tie it with a chive or a toothpick. Easy as that!

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