Addicted to Pinterest

By now, we should all know what Pinterest is, right? If not, have a look at my previous post.
Well, lately Pinterest has become the ultimate social website, not to mention a great marketing resource for companies, blogs and brands.
I've been spending an average of 10-minutes on Pinterest everyday in the last month and I've been pinning, liking, repining and browsing through many other pinners' interests. As a result, my blog has been getting traffic from the pictures of my previous posts I've been pinning, I've pinned lots of recipes (some of them will be tried, some others will just stay in my 'Food' board),
Food board
I've pinned and liked lots of beautiful clothes, shoes and bags I can't afford - but I'll try to find the next best affordable thing, 
Bags! board
Style board

I've repinned lots of pictures of beautiful places I've been to or I'd like to visit, 
Places board
I've created a 'Blog' board where I pin all the ideas I can get for this space 
Blog board
and I've also created another board with my favorite places in Milan.
Milan Life board
I've learned lots of stuff like:
how to set the table (properly)
Photography tips
Cool quotes

Therefore, I've come to the conclusion, I am happily:

All images are taken from my Pinterest boards, follow me at: http://pinterest.com/tfoodie/

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