Garda Lake

Sorry again for my lousy posting of the past weeks, I'm finally back!

Anyhow, as you might recall, some weeks ago we were in the Garda Lake area and we decided to visit Sirmione, the beautiful old town in the tip of the small peninsula on the southern part of the lake, famous because of its beauty, its fortress and its thermal springs.

On our way to Sirmione we stopped by Ca' dei Frati, a winery that produces local wines like Lugana (white) and Benaco Bresciano (red). These wines have a good price/quality ratio so it's a good stop on your way to Sirmione.

 We didn't stay for long in Sirmione - you have to leave the car very far away from the historic centre and the parking meters are not cheap - but it was enough to make us want to come back, perhaps for a weekend in the spa :)
Have a look at our photos and judge yourselves!
the fortress

melacholic Garda lake

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