Palazzo Arzaga, Garda Lake

When you visit a hotel which is a member of the "Leading Hotels of the World", you have very high expectations... Well, in this case, our high expectations were not met, it's not that we were treated badly or the hotel was horrible, au contraire, but that's the problem with such high expectations, most of the times they disappoint you, even if there's nothing to actually strongly complain about. See, this hotel is nice from the outside: it's near the Garda lake, it has a great golf course, it was an ancient villa which was refurbished, etc. But from the inside you start to wonder why it is a "leading hotel of the world": there is a very nice Clarins spa, but you have to pay to use it and the sauna (this is a 5-star hotel, why don't you offer the sauna use to your guests?!); there should be wi-fi but nobody gives you any info about it, the breakfast is good, but not 5-star good; the staff is nice, but a bit snobby; rooms are nice and clean but there's nothing out-of-this-world about them. Don't get me wrong, the hotel is very nice and the common areas are great, but if you are not a golfer and you come here in autumn/winter, you might get a bit bored.

I must say, on a positive note, the food from their restaurant is delicious, everything is spotless and the area is really peaceful. Plus, you get Clarins toiletries! Anyhow, here are some pictures so you can have a look:

Palazzo Arzaga
Via Arzaga, 1
25080 Calvagese della Riviera (BS)
Tel. +39 030 680600

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