Instagram shots

I had turned my Instagram profile private since they decided to make Instagram available from computers. I liked the idea of my Instagram shots being available only to those who also shared their shots on the app. I, however, changed my mind and went public again so if you want you can add me (my profile name is simarik3)!
'Til then, here are some of the shots I like the most:
Delicious dinner with ciauscolo from Le Marche and Südtirol Pinot Noir

Milan's duomo, always beautiful

Mexican beach

I miss Summer!

Street artist in Milan

the Eternal City

new book!

Watching Italy-Denmark at San Siro stadium

Oysters by the Rhein at Düsseldorf

The nice room at Radisson Düsseldorf

Carrie's house in NYC

my beautiful but painful boots
Candy skull for mexican day of the dead

Mexican cocktail - vuelve a la vida

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