Mel's Drive-In & Hollywood

While we were in Hollywood, we had breakfast at a nice "historic" diner just off Hollywood Boulevard, Mel's Drive-In.

 The decor is like a 1960's diner with jukeboxes, shiny furniture, seating booths, etc. Although it's only been open since 2001, it is located in the historic Max Factor building (together with the Hollywood History Museum next door), a beauty salon that Jean Harlow, Bette Davis and many other movie actresses in Hollywood used to attend. It is open almost 24 hours.

The menu has lots of options, from the famous pancakes to your choice of eggs and even carnitas! A nice breakfast just a block away from the Kodak theater.

Mel's Drive-In
1660 North Highland
90028 Hollywood, CA

Here are also some photos of the area:

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