If you are connecting in Munich and have a couple of hours layover, there's a relaxing area in terminal 2 (G & H gates) called Sleep.

It consists of several "cabins" or pods provided by Napcabs that you can rent by the hour (min. 2 hours, max. 12 hours) at 15 euros per hour, where you can relax and sleep while waiting for your flight.

The pods have air conditioning, alarm clock, internet access and flight information.

If you don't feel like getting one of these cabs, you can however rest and relax in a quiet area next to the cabins, with comfortable sofas and some electrical sockets where you can recharge your laptop or phone, but most importantly, there's absolute silence.

Munich International Airport
Terminal 2 (H & G gates)

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  1. Hey Mar! Thank you very, very much for your post on our napcabs sleeping cabins!! We apprectiate that a lot! Best regards from Munich Airport and safe travels wherever you go! napcabs MUC - Nicola