Peggy Sue's diner & the road to Las Vegas

While driving through the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (about 4 hours), you may want to stop for a good lunch at Peggy Sue's and get soaked into the 1950's atmosphere.

When I found out about this diner, I knew we had to stop there on our way to Las Vegas. It is located in Yermo, CA, halfway from L.A., just off the highway.

The decor is all about the fifties, jukeboxes, Marilyn's statues, the Blues Brothers, pizza parlor, James Dean, Elvis, etc.

The food is surprisingly good, well actually, here in Italy they say you must check the highway restaurants and see if there are lots of trucks parked outside; if so, then eat there because truck drivers know the best places to eat on the road, and Peggy Sue's had lots of trucks parked outside.
Steaks, burgers, salads, everything we ordered was great, tasty and came in hearty portions (sorry, no food photos, we were very hungry). Even my childhood-favorite Float (vanilla ice cream and coke)

There are even some booklets that show you what was the cost of living in those years (it might be depressing to look how much everything has raised)

On the way out, pay a visit to ther sourvenirs shop, you might find something cool to bring back home.

35654 Yermo Road
Yermo, CA 92398

Time to get back on the road to Las Vegas!
While driving on the I-15, you'll find a funny-named exit called Zzyzx Rd.
If you exit here, you'll realize that this road doesn't bring you anywhere. It used to be a mineral springs and health spa, opened by a weird guy who named it Zzyzx because he said it was the last word of the American language. Supposedly, the waters he bottled were restorative and had special properties. The spa was closed in the 1970's, the guy was arrested and the land was taken over by the goverment, and now hosts the Desert Studies Center, a research station of the California State University in the Mojave Desert. Many stories talk about the restorative waters and special, almost magical, properties of the springs and conspirationists even talk about unnatural phenomenon going on at Zzyzx, guess we'll never know...

Next stop: Las Vegas!

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