Old Elbe Tunnel & Brücke 10, Hamburg

Walking back and forth through the 426 meter long Old Elbe tunnel made me hungry, and for that there's nothing like a yummy fischbroetchen by the harbor

The Old Elbe tunnel is a vehicle tunnel that goes 24 meters under the level of the river Elbe conecting the north and southern docks of the Hamburg port.
It was opened in 1911 and it was then considered a sensation since it was the first one in the continent. It is actually two tunnels (tiled, giving it a retro atmosphere) that vehicles and pedestrians can travel through. There are car elevators or stairs to go up and down on both sides.
When we visited last October there was some maintenance work going on, but on normal schedule, it is open 24 hours for pedestrians and bikes, for vehicles only on scheduled times during the day.
The view of Hambrug from the other side is nice, but I what I enjoyed the most is the walk through the tunnel.
Well, no, actually what I enjoyed the most was this fish sandwich (fischbroetchen) from Brücke 10 - a Hamburg institution, you can't leave Hamburg without having one of these here. Just go (on the Landungsbrücken side) to dock number 10, climb down the stairs and there you are, you'll see the fast moving line and then this yummy sandwiches (for less than 8 euro, including the lemonade).

Brücke 10
Bei Den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken 10
Tel. +49 40 33399339

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