Port of Hamburg

“I was born in Liverpool but raised in Hamburg.” - John Lennon

During our weekend in Hamburg, I fell in love with the sunsets and discovered that I enjoy the architecture of docks, harbor buildings, harbors and marinas - although mainly functional, it can also be nice to look at, especially with those sunsets.

We walked to the Landungsbrücken, the floating docks, from where we took the public ferry to explore the harbor (cheapest alternative to the many touristic cruises). If you want to take this option, go to Bridge number 2 or 3 in Landungsbrücke and take the ferry number 62 to Finkenwerder and back (there are several stops along the sailing, you can get off wherever you want and then take the ferry back). it will only cost you a HVV day ticket or a single ticket for € 2.85(each way).

The port of Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe, (the third busiest, after Rotterdam and Antwerp) it is located on the river Elbe and has a long history starting in 1189. Besides being a commercial harbor for trading and containers, it is also a touristic one, with an important cruise terminal.

The annual celebration of the harbour's birthday (Hafengeburtstag) during the first weekend of May is one of Hamburg's biggest public events. This year (2015) it will take place from May 8 to 10. Visitors come from all over Germany and Europe to experience the festivities. Tugboats perform "ballets", old galleons and new cruise ships are open for tours, and fireworks explode at night. Hope you can catch it!

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