Autumn colors

I've been hunting for nice summer clothes on the sales these days but the new colors are already in the shops... It makes me sweat only seeing those jackets and dark colors, and I know it will get worse in august because the windows in the shops will tell me that summer is over...
There's nothing I can do about it so I started my research on the next season's colors and styles. I must say that after a spring-summer filled with neons and pastels, I was expecting something a bit more colorful or at least less heavy, but you know what happens with fashion, when you see some new trend for the first time you don't like it but then you end up loving it (at least that's what happens with me :))
Anyhow, next season's trends are dark colors (grey, bordeaux, dark green, navy, etc.), the occasional pale pink and lots of textures: houndstooth (pied de poule), tweed, photo prints, snakeskins, chunky fabrics, all-over prints, etc.
Guess I'd better start updating my closet!

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