Cupcake Maker

I never told you but when we visited Dubai we got a great thing: the Lakeland cupcake maker!
You might remember my newly found passion for baking cupcakes, well, this nice item makes it a bit easier: it doesn't actually mix all ingredients  for you (that would be really easy right?), it just bakes them, so as soon as you have your mixture ready, you turn it on, line the cupcake papers and pour the mixture, then you close the lid and let them bake for about 15-20 minutes, then you can open it and see if they're ready (with a toothpick), otherwise you can close the lid again and let them bake for some more minutes. Then you still have to prepare the frosting and decorate them but that's the fun part. What I like about the cupcake maker is that, since I'm not very skilled with baking or using the oven, I used to burn the top of the cupcakes but with the cupcake maker I don't have to worry about that! It also comes with a nice recipe booklet.

The Lakeland cupcake maker (taken from Lakeland's website)
So I've been experimenting some new recipes (and thanks to G and my friends for eating everything!) and the results are satisfactory, I mean, I know I'm not Magnolia Bakery and I won't be starting a cupcakes business (like '2 Broke Girls' one of my favorite sitcoms) but it's a nice dessert to bring to friend's reunions, right?

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