Bresaola rolls

11 years ago, when I moved to Italy, I had never heard of Bresaola before, so it was one of the best discoveries of my Italian life (together with pasta allo scoglio, supplì, panna cotta, etc. etc.). For those of you who don't know what it is, bresaola is a spiced, air-dried beef (not pork) originated in Valtellina, a valley in Northern Italy. It is tender, delicate and delicious. And it's great for your salads, sandwiches and appetizers, as the one I'm sharing with you today. In the summer, when it's so warm and you don't feel like cooking, this super-easy rolls are the best option.

Bresaola rolls
(serves 4)
12 slices of bresaola
a bunch of arugula
160 gr. cream cheese 
1 tablespoon of olive oil
salt & pepper

in a bowl, mix the cream cheese, the arugula (washed and chopped), the oil and add salt and pepper. Spread the bresaola slices with the mixture and roll them. Enjoy!

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