Expo 2015: The Pavilions, Part 1

My visits to the Expo site continue, here are some of the pavilions (also inside):
Clockwise from top: Mexico, Spain, Qatar, Coca Cola
Click on "read more" to, well, read more about each of these pavilions...
First of all, the Mexican Pavilion, designed in the form of a corn cob, the base of the Mexican nutrition. I would have liked more emphasis on the fact that Mexican cuisine was declared UNESCO World Heritage and also more about its amazing food and of course conscious choices. Instead, there are 3 obsidian sculptures and some pieces of mexican artisanry, a nice video about Mexico and interactive stands where you can learn more about the country.
There's a gourmet restaurant in the top floor with prices varying between 7 and 25 euros (pris fixe menus at 30/37 euros) where we had a delicious meal - but portions were smallish.
But my favorite part is the ground floor bar selling margaritas, beer, tequila and yummy tacos al pastor, one of the food I miss the most. So I'll be visiting the Expo very often to have some tacos, while it lasts!

 The Spanish pavilion is inspired by the shape of a barn. It a big structure (that will be completely removed after Expo) whit a multimedia exhibit inside that brings the visitors through 3 stages: land, produce and food. It explains the ways of growing its main ingredients, fishing, agriculture, the good practices and sustainability, the typical foods from each region and there's also a part dedicated to the new Spanish food culture (and its superstar chefs like Ferran Adria).
In the ground floor there's a restaurant, a bar resembling the oranges garden of Seville and a shop of typical products (oil, wines, etc.)
Prices are bit expensive for my expectations, but the bar is a nice area to hang out and relax in between pavilions with a glass of chilled wine. - oh! and if you can afford it, a tray of jamón ibérico at the exhorbitant price of 40€ per 100 grams!

Coca Cola:
Besides the self built country pavilions, some corpoartions are present in Expo with their own pavilions, that is the case of Coca Cola, one of the official sponsors of the event.
Their pavilion focuses on the brand, its history and how they produce locally to reduce costs and environmental impact, they are also supporters of exercise and many sporting events and they also show how they recicle the plastic bottles to make new bottles or other products, even t-shirts.
 I'm sure Coca Cola is used to getting visitors in their many factories all over the world and the headquarters in Atlanta because they know how to keep visitors interested. First, when you enter you'll get a bottle of Coca Cola (or Zero), then, after all the explanation, a bit of dancing and recicling, you'll end up at the Freestyle machines, where you can create your customised drink, by mixing the different flavours of Coca Cola products.

The Qatar pavilion is a very impressive one, with the giant basket on top, it is structured in route thorugh which you will learn more about the country, the food and the sustainable lifestyle.
 In the ground floor there are some small workshops showing typical artisanry and you can even get a henna tattoo. In the back there's a restaurant offering hot and cold dishes and in the front a nice area to seat and watch a performance.

I'm taking my time to visit them all so, 'til the next post with more pictures of other pavilions!

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