Expo 2015: The Pavilions, Part 2

More pavilions photos, check them out:
Clockwise from top: Zero pavilion, USA pavilion, Turkey pavilion, UAE pavilion.

Zero Pavilion:
if you arrive to the Expo by train or by metro, the first pavilion you'll see will be this one.
It is the pavilion that introduces us to the themes of this expo, by using a scenographic language to catch our interest. The theme is "Feeding the planet, energy for life" and it has been developed in different aspects: social, cultural, environmental and technological. The planet hosting us is a living planet and its nature can be created and modified and that's how the human race has learned to interact with it, how to get food, developing professions, using science to modify, sometimes irreversibly, the environment.
A selected panel of best practices shows us the approach to the research of solutions for the big themes regarding life of the planet and the life of its inhabitants, the importance of biodiversity, the impact of climate changes and the waste we produce.
The visit to this pavilion is compulsory to understand the theme of Expo since, in my opinion, many of the country pavilions are not treating these topics very deeply (or at all).

USA pavilion:
Their motto is "American food 2.0: united to feed the planet". A big flag and a video from President Obama welcoming you are the first things you'll notice about this pavilion which I was expecting to be more "wow". Don't get me wrong, it is a huge one and I like the exhibition in the ground floor but perhaps more could have been done in the top floor that is a bit empty.
Visitors, however, can discover more about the food sector in the US looking at videos from farmers, chefs and scientists.
In the back of the pavilion there is Food Truck Nation, a space where you can eat food truck snacks from the US tradition like New England lobster rolls, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, apple pie, brownies, etc.

Turkey pavilion:
The Turkish pavilion is a clear example of how you just need the beautiful crafts of your people and good taste to make a nice pavilion. It is one of the biggest pavilions in the site, even if it might not seem that enormous. For me it represents an oasis of peace and relax inside the chaos of the masses in the Expo weekends, a break in its beautiful marble kiosk perhaps sipping a cup of tea or Turkish coffee or eating a kebab from their snack bar is perfect for re-charging.
The entrance of the pavilion is passing by a nice exhibit of glass pots and vases, then through the spices, flowers and plants and then following around the inner courtyard with the kiosk in the center to a small library (also with digital contents), a small exhibit of the art of Turkish coffee that I'm looking forward to check out deeply next time.

UAE pavilion:

The next World Expo in 2020 will be in Dubai, and they are more than excited to welcome everyone to their country - of course being very precise, everything is almost finished (or a work in progress) and I'm sure it will be great.
However, the pavilion visit was a bit exhasperating for me, first of all the long queue to enter (sure, they give you umbrellas if it's raining or if the sun's too hot), the holographic part with the problems and solutions at the begining was nice but it didn't take long enough to go through so when we were donme we had to wait standing there for about 15 minutes to enter the theater where they show a short film about the importance of water - I was expecting an action hero to appear anytime, great movie effects! - then another part, standing again, and finally moving to the downstairs area where they explain their projects for the upcoming Expo in 2020. Sure, great pavilion, terrible waiting times and I didn't like the fact that there's no restaurant inside.

To be continued...!

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