Macelleria Popolare, Milan

A delicious lunch break in the new Darsena market, by the guys from Mangiari di Strada!

Taking a short break from the Expo-related posts, since I still have to fix some photos, here are some from one of my favorite discoveries of the last months, perhaps you can check it out while you're in town visiting the Expo, it's definitely worth trying!
You might remember my post about Mangiari di Strada, the Italian street food temple in the outskirts of the city, well, good news are that if I want to have a yummy lampredotto sandwich I don't have to go all the way down there (although I'm always tempted), I just have to stop at the new Darsena market in Piazza 24 Maggio, the heart of Navigli - and while I'm at it, I may walk around and see the new look of the area that has been restyled just in time for the Expo.
So, thanks to Giuseppe Zen's idea, the Macelleria Popolare is a butcher shop in a stall inside the Darsena market, but it is actually much more than that, besides the high quality meats and cuts they offer, you have the choice to get the food ready to go and warm it up at home, raw, or even ready to eat there, perhaps with a glass of nice wine. Cuts go from burger patties to roast-beef, brains, Sicilian spleen, etc.
They have the famous Mangiari di Strada burger and other sandwiches like tripe and lampredotto, the yummy (but a bit expensive) braciole messinesi (the little meat bites in the top of the collage) and probably one of the most delicious pasta dishes I've ever had, pasta with spaccanapoli a genuveisa: a sauce made out of beef, lard, onions and herbs, if I remember the explanation correctly - I just remember the taste and it was amazing.
The guys working there are nice and helpful, for now we have only eaten there, but I guess that if I ever need a particular cut I will definitely come here and ask for their advice to pick something from the variety of their grass-fed meats. It is a great place to have lunch (just remember they are closed on Sundays) in these nice spring days and then go for a walk along the Navigli.

Macelleria Popolare
P.zza XXIV Maggio, Milano 
Tel. 02 3946 836 
Opens on Mondays from morning until 15.30, until 20.00 from Tuesday to Thursday and stays open until 22.00 Fridays and Saturdays.

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