Welcome to Expo 2015: my favorite Milan posts

The day is finally here, Expo 2015 is starting today and we are super excited!

In many of the coming posts I'll try my best to show you some of the best places our city has to offer, in the meantime, here are some of my favorite from past posts:

(click on the names of the places to see the posts)

Obviously the most beautiful sight in town (and probably in Northern Italy), the breathtaking Duomo - I'm super lucky to get to pass by it almost everyday and it still makes me smile 
Duomo - from my Instagram

another famous sight, now filled with shops and overpriced cafés but still worth strolling by to feel like a Milanese (and if you must, also do the "bull turn" - stepping with your heel on the famous mosaic right over the poor bull's testicles, do a 360° turn to your right... supposedly brings good luck - not to the poor bull)
Galleria after rennovations - from my Instagram
I love train travel (even if Trenitalia's service is not ideal) and what best way to start/end a journey than at this beautiful station filled with history

the symbol of the new architecture and the transformation of the Porta Nuova quarter and one of the best new buildings in the world.

Since the Expo takes place in the summer, have a look at what Milanese or visitors can do during these hot months.
Navigli - from my Instagram
Milanese pool - from my Instagram
not properly a touristic sight, but perhaps a good place to shop for some food sourvenirs to bring back home.

Eating around

or what I like to call "Duomo Food Court", for those quick bites while sightseeing or even a nice dinner with the most amazing view in town
Spontini pizza - from my Instagram
I was impressed by this nice restaurant's dishes, not for every night, but for a special occasion. (they'll be participating actively in the Expo so check out their website for more info - you might end up bumping into the nice chef at the Expo site)
Alice restaurant - from my Instagram

Still the color of the month in Milan, burgers or "gourmet burgers" (as now everyone wants to call them - even if they're not) are all over the city so there are planety of choices, these are my favorites.

The temple of street food in town, sicilian pane ca' meusa? they have it! lampredotto? they have it! and it's good (and worth the long tramway ride)

One of my favorite wine bars in town, make sure you have a glass in the cool downstairs area.

I realize this post needs updating - I'll "sacrifice" and visit new places in the coming weekends :)

Milanese happy hour is something you must do while in town, so why not doing it in a fancy bar with good cocktails and a nice view
aperitivo time at Pavè - from my Instagram

Yes, Milan has some OK ramen places lately, obviously they're nothing compared to Japan and other more cosmopolitan cities but worth a try if you get tired of pasta and pizza.

if you must... this is the most decent place to have some tacos, with good cocktails in the lively Navigli area

a very nice and romantic place with decent seafood and fusion dishes in the outskirts of the city.

Since I live here I don't normally spend time in Milanese hotels, but these two are good suggestions:

great for those catching an early flight

for those visitng the city

Enjoy your stay!!! 
(and stay tuned for more!)

and remember, Expo 2015 opens today from 10 am!

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